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Q: Is Plexiglass or Lucite the same as acrylic?
A: Plexiglass and Lucite are both brand names for acrylic.

Q: Do you cut custom shapes/sizes from acrylic sheets?
A: We cut any size and shape in acrylic. We cut circles of a minimum of 2″ diameter and the largest of a 72″ diameter. We have a +/- tolerance of 1/8″. We cut acrylic rods and tubes with a minimum of 2″ in length and a tolerance of +/- 1/8″. However, it the desired dimensions are really large to ship, give us a call and we can discuss the options.

Q: What is the difference between acrylic and polycarbonate?
A: Polycarbonate has a greater tensile strength than acrylic which makes it more difficult to break. It is therefore good for applications where security is a concern.

Q: Will acrylic hold up outdoors?
A: Due to new formulations for modern plastics, acrylic is able to hold up to UV and outdoor stresses for a reasonable amount of time. We also specifically sell acrylic sheets with a UV coating.

Q: Can you glue together acrylic or make things out of it?
A: We do fabrication and can make boxes, display cases, stands, etc. by gluing together pieces of acrylic. We also have different finishes (beveling, sanding, frosting, rounding) to give you your desired look.

Q: What is the difference between epoxy and polyester resin?
A: Epoxy resin is significantly stronger than polyester resin. It is not as clear as polyester resin and has almost no odour. It is however, more expensive. Epoxy resin adheres better than polyester resin, and therefore can be added on top of polyester resin (but not vice versa). Polyester resin does not require sanding between layers and can be used for making surfboards because it is UV resistant. You can also speed or slow the cure time for polyester resin by increasing or decreasing the ratio of the catalyst.

Q: How much area will a gallon of resin cover?
A: One gallon of resin will usually cover 51 sq. ft. with a typical coating thickness.

Q: What containers can I use as a mould for casting resin?
A: Any flexible plastic recyclable container should work as moulds, but it always recommended to do a trial run first.

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