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About Us

We are a full service Fabrication Studio specializing in cut-to-size acrylic sheets, acrylic furniture, bespoke display boxes, heat-bending boat plexi-windows, picture frames, acrylic awards, and resin-casting. We also offer pre-made acrylic items, LED art installations, jewelry, silicone rubbers, foams, fiberglass cloth, tints, dyes, sanding resin and epoxies.

Our State-of-the-Art Fab Shop offers design insight and product development to construction companies, interior designers, the entertainment industry, artists, and students which include our Laser Cutting services, CNC Milling capabilities, Color Printing on Acrylic, Vacuum Forming, 3-D Printing, and Fine Art Crating capabilities.

Santa Monica Plastics, LLC is owned by Eric and Claudia Warren who established their company in Santa Monica, California in December of 2011. Bruce Zelesnik, the lead sales representative, with his significant plastics industry experience, has also been integral to the company.

Eric and Claudia express characteristic warmth and curiosity toward developing Santa Monica Plastics into a company that will play a major role in their love of lifelong learning. In this way they would like their company to be a hub for plastic goods and services and a place that inspires creativity, ingenuity, and community oriented values.

Their vision is to create a home base for brilliant designers, fabricators, plastic specialists, and sales representatives with a heart for integrity – to meet the plastic needs and interests of the public while flourishing in their careers. Since plastic has a wide variety of uses and is becoming increasingly environmental, there continues to be a multitude of ways for the Santa Monica Plastics team to grow more adept.

Eric and Bruce gained their knowledge of plastics while working at the renowned Hastings Plastics of Santa Monica. Established in 1956 by Norry Hastings, the company was well known in the plastic industry — as Norry was largely involved with founding the Plastics Industry Trade Association, SPI.

An institution in Santa Monica, Hastings was one of the first companies to formulate and offer thermoset plastics on a retail consumer level. Artists especially loved these products. The company also manufactured a wide range of acrylic objects from custom doggie doors to boat windows to museum quality display cases. In addition, a variety of fiber glass products and plastic sheets were sold.

Ownership of Hastings Plastics changed hands in 2000 and later closed in 2011 when the property was sold to make way for the Expo Light Rail. Eric, having worked in fabrication for six-and-a-half years, and Bruce, having worked in sales since the mid-eighties, were encouraged by customers to continue the Hastings legacy. Together, with Claudia, they soon discovered the possibilities for starting a new company, and the idea for Santa Monica Plastics was born.

To date, Santa Monica Plastics has sold over $500,000 of goods and services related to the sale of plastic sheets and resins, and the fabrication of acrylic and polycarbonate items. In addition, Claudia and Eric have donated nearly $4,000 to local churches and nonprofit organizations.

Mission Statement

Our mission, and we have decided to accept it, is to sell to the Santa Monica community, and the world at large, high quality plastics.

Stop by our humble shop, speak with our owner, and order your plastic material.

You and the community will help us grow and franchise across the globe.

A percentage of the profits will go to the poor and disenfranchised, so order your plastic today!

Call (310) 403-2849 or email at [email protected] for your plastic today!

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