Acrylic Sheets – Cut to Size – Translucent Amethyst Purple – S137

$12.00 sq ft

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Full sheets are 8’x4′. You may order full sheets or cut to size (but no dimension under 2″ unless you call in and we can confirm this). The price of full sheets are not reflected on the square foot prices. Call us to get the price on full sheets.

You may enter your width and length dimensions in decimal or fraction (ie 10 1/8). We can only cut to the nearest 1/16″ or 0.0625 of an inch, so make sure your dimensions reflect this. For example, we cannot cut a piece to 5.3 inches, so the next available size would be 5.3125 (or 5 5/16″).

We recommend you call or email us with complex or volume orders.

Order online for sizes between 12″ x 12″ and 36″ x 36″.
Call (310) 403-2849 for custom orders of smaller or larger dimensions. 

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